About broadband360°

Broadband 360 is the first internet service of its kind to serve Ultrafast Internet service to our premium customers. It is a service brand of BDCOM Online Ltd.
Ultrafast broadband is the term given to a Broadband product that has download speeds of about 100 Mbps. Ultrafast Broadband connection will serve you with speed unlike any other you have previously experienced in this country. Stand out from the crowd with our premium home internet service offering.
Beside being Ultrafast, Broadband 360 also provide you with Safe Internet. This allows you to control the Internet usage on your home and restrict harmful websites from reaching you or your family. With Broadband 360 you can remain tension free about internet usage by your family.
With Broadband 360 comes an Eco-Friendly IP Phone for long time conversations without having to worry about health issues and the IPTV solution for your Endless Online Entertainment.
In sum, with Broadband 360, the premium internet offering in the country, where you can enjoy the First ever Triple Play Service: –

Ultrafast Internet Bandwidth + IP Phone + IPTV.

24/7 Customer Support Helpdesk +8809666 360 360

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